One more cup of tea

Everybody loves me, they tell me again and again

My shy insecurities, my wry eccentricities

Very few people like me, especially when I am sober

I am an immature brain pretending to be a grown up

I tried Jesus, I chanted Buddha, I visited temples

It was of no use, God has forsaken me, if He existed

I tried fried eggs, I tried chicken wings, I tried chutney

The only thing lifted was my cholesterol and not my spirits

They told me I need balance and they told me to believe

I asked them if they were serious and to pass me the salt please

I tried dating women of various shapes and color

The only thing that brought to me was a strait jacket with a yellow collar

So I gave up and I swallowed all their pills and lies

They asked me if I would like my order with fries

I shrugged and smiled and asked them for a few more days

But they told me I had to amend my wary ways

While the Angels and Demons played Chess and Peekaboo

Eden burned and Earth was drowned by water blue

I sat in a cafe still writing my poem for free

And asked them for one more cup of tea






Author: Ajay Ohri

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