Time Capsule Dad

too late the kid is gone and now his dad is all alone

with his memories and his Bob Dylan songs

nursing imagined heartbreak and refusing to just move on

thinking in his mind what could be all along

this too shall pass this day of self pity and fear

then daddy will get up and write another book for the world

and while the boy may occasionally think will  dad  call him ever

he will be too busy playing with other little boys his boyhood games

someday  when time has gone up

the boy is now a man and the dad is now gone

the boy will search the internet and find his daddy’s songs

and will know that his dad always did care

it was best that mommy took care of him growing old

while daddy wondered and wandered finding his soul

and then the boy turned man will make the call

will he be bitter or will he be better than daddy before the fall


Author: Ajay Ohri


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