Some Days Some Nights

some days all it takes is a hug to restore

your faith in humanity and the milk of human kindness

some nights all it takes is another bare faced lie

to take back whatever trust was restored in the day

some days you think you are smart enough

to outsmart the shadows creeping behind your tail

some nights you think you were a fool

to let go of people who loved you in the first place

some days you think the yellow brick road to glory

was well worth the blood sweat and tears

some nights the latest uppers and downers cannot numb

the dull ache  of old wounds nor wipe the scars from the flesh

some days you wake up hugging the pillow

some nights you sleep clutching the bottle

some days you are a genius on demand for the world

some nights you are another washed up poet who could have been


Author: Ajay Ohri

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