Vultures and the Crow

I could write you a poem

I could write you a song

But you would be too busy classifying

What is wrong and What is more wrong

I loved to drink tea under the mistletoe tree

But you betrayed me and I will betray thee

For this is the nature of animals who love to joust

And drunken crows who come home to roost

The music was slow and my friends aimed high

While upwards  the  moon   smiling away in the sky

While the cold gathers and the night fell

Proud creatures lay down and counted the tolling of the bell

If we dont stop judging the people all around

We shall find yourself   six feet   below the ground

We are so  full of shit and loved to joust today

But my friends thought I was mean because I just pushed them away

A single malt and a handgun is what we need

A sharp knife and morphine is what comes with speed

Some free time and some free culture

But I was afraid I would exchange the crows for a vulture

How shall I end this poem and this day

I go home but   shadows will come to stay

In this gathering dusk some drink some pray

Everybody loves what they alone had to say


Author: Ajay Ohri

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