Violent Poetry

Violent Poetry and a Peaceful Man

I am sure it is confusing but try and understand

There is violence in the heart and I dont believe in the soul

How to be violent without hurting anyone is the goal

Maybe spread an idea here or there

An idea is like a virus said Cobb beware

There is the smell of revolutionary napalm in the air

Fair is foul but foul is not fair

What begins with Santa can end with Orwell

Eat your bananas and never kiss and tell

What begins with Rumi can end with Saladin

Every porn star was once a beauty queen

If you praise Allah, the merchants of Jesus may complain

If you praise Buddha, our trade mandarins will be in pain

If you praise me, I would think, what does she need from me again

I am making sense here, or is this totally insane

I have Bob Dylan in the background but blood on the dance floor

I dont know how I got here but I have been here before

I am addicted to pain because of the art it can spur

You may ask me if I am on Facebook but I will politely demur


Author: Ajay Ohri

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