Mom is complaining Daddy goes to sleep too soon

Dad is complaining Mom thinks it is still honeymoon

My brother is complaining I dont write or call

My sister is complaining I have not seen her since fall

My friends are complaining where I am leaving the party for

My clients are complaining do I expect to be paid any more

My landlord is complaining I am too boring

My girlfriend is complaining she has heard this story

My phone is complaining I dont pick it up any longer

The Internet is complaining spare us you rumor monger

Bob Dylan is complaining yet again on the radio

Dead Freddy  complaining what was killed by that video

Are you complaining that this was a bad song

Or I am just thinking too much on things that went wrong

I am a poet and you may think I am complaining

But read between the lines I am just tired of explaining

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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