Bloodhounds and Corgi Dogs

I couldn’t be your blood hound profound

I thought you were a pomerian but a bulldog were you found

I tried to keep it a distance but I was melted by your eyes

When I came closer I was turned off by your lies

Well the scent is up but this heart wont quiver

The poet shall return to writing stuff for pennies and silver

He shall miss your eyes and how they changed color in the sun

But he wont miss your lies and he wont die easy hun

You could rob me of my joy and of all that made me smile

You stole in moments what I earned in years of nightly toil

Some snakes travel curved some rest in a coil

Apologies once again this op we had to foil

Go take your con games and your stuff

Go live your lies and your hilly love

Go in peace but go forever my dear

These lips are sealed though fall onwards a tear

For what could happen and what could have been

a poet and a fairy who could be the King and Queen

Alas it rained and the peacock has to preen

And the corgi dog barked and ran back before it could be seen

These days have passed this time shall go

I shall resume idiotic rhyming and before you know

We shall heal and go on to hurt others as before

Find other higher mountains and valleys so low


Author: Ajay Ohri

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