Breakup Poem

It was hard but I tried
But your buts made me tired
I tried to be a gentleman friend
But it had to end

I suppose I wanted to fuck you
I suppose you wanted me to fuck me over
Very similar words but very different deeds
Different demands and different needs

I needed someone to hold your hand
You need to hold someone by the leash
But breakups come and breakdowns will go
I was hopelessly in love before I came to know

I cant be your Adam I cant be your Gunga Din
I am  a wannabe who has became a has been
While you may ski on different slopes
Teaching different students different ropes

I shall linger if but for a while
Passerby  throwing me coins and a smile
Till the day will come and we will cross the street
And pretend that we dont know who and what was has been

An amazing jay and a silly French queen
Who dollied and dallied and talked and preened
Till one day cornered by their egos and their lies
Love and friendship and residual affection died

Author: Ajay Ohri

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