Intro- this is a sarcastic provocative poem on stereotypes and why everybody hates someone sometimes

I listened to a fat woman singing the notes of a song so high

I will never make fun of fat people anymore

Setting fire to the rain with all the misogny and guilt in my brain

No peace I can find because somethings cannot be left behind

I listened to a queer and he sang a song so happy

I will never hate on homosexuals again

I have been playing graceless Kelly as a fat bottom man

You think I am dark chocolate I been pretending to be dark swan

I saw a movie with white people acting brilliantly

I couldn’t hate white people anymore

I stopped admiring and wanting to be like them years ago

But even a racist has to agree white people tell stories that are cool

I saw a black man dance on and on

I couldn’t hate black people anytime now

He did not have any money and I am sure he had been on stuff

But I guess God gave us gifts to all his kids when He made them from above

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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