Rhetoric with Gin and Tonic

There- she left me again

There- no one is left for me to complain

There- I have moved on

There- I wrote my new song


This- is my life

This- is my cliché in the time

This- is the mediocrity of my mind

This- is how I write a rhyme

Those- are the guys I called my friends

Those- are the ones who never the pick the phone again

Those- are the smiles I hate

Those- are the lies I have been hearing of late

That- is how blue I can be

That- is my alternate reality

That- is what you will never understand or see

That- was a C minor with a major key

Why– is there still a frown

Why– do you insist I wear your crown

Why–cant I just pretend to wear a hat

Why– is my beer fizzy and my vodka flat

Where– did I lose my heart

Where– shall that story start

Where– are the winds of change

Where– are the clouds of the rain of pain

Whose– is this stupid time

Whose- poetry pretends to rhyme

Whose- money did you take to sell me lies

Whose– is just the beginning and wait till the whys

What– if this Birdman pulls a gun

What– if Kyle said whats in it for me

What–if Turing loved a mango tree

What– is so empty without an if

Dang, I swear yall that is the end of my riff

There and This and Those and That and Why and Where

All those angry people who refuse to look at me and stare

Jolly good lad with a poem and a truth and  a dare



Author: Ajay Ohri


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