I am tired of living but I dont want to die

I am tired of lust but I am too hurt to love

I am tired of crawling but I am too afraid to fly

I am tired of the past but I am too lazy to rise above

I am tired of this day but I am not ready for the night

I was tired of the dark but I am too shy for the light

I am tired of my courage and I am too bored for  fright

I may be tired of writing but I still have left some fight



Author: Ajay Ohri


One thought on “tired”

  1. Take Saltpeter .. my Dad took in the Army .. it will cool your jets and you can do good via say the vegetarian way .. pure and wholesome ..  you are very talented .. you love your son .. help others .. open up a counseling centre .. Canadians especially the 3rd generation are hurting.

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