Life Hacker

I have a pebble in my shoe

a doubt in my beautiful mind

blond midgets to haunt me

mocking me what else can I find

I have a limp in my step

a lisp in my speech

memories to taunt me

sucking  like a starving leech

I have a shake in my hands

a tremor in my soul

what lies behind rarely bothers me now

as I hack on towards my goal




One more rhyme

He does not dance

He does not sing

All he does

Is stand and wink

He cannot smoke

He shall not drink

Mesmerized by lights

Stands in corner to think

He tries to be nice

He probably is a bit cute

But he can come across as nerdy

If not outright rude

So he goes home alone

Every night Every time

Consoles himself with his toys

His penchant for one more  rhyme


information asymmetry

information asymmetry

when one side negotiating a deal

has less information than another side

that helps keep rich richer

poor poorer

the divided more divided

and the conquered more pawned

all smartly enabled

by kids who went to the right school

piled up the right debt

read the right data

make the wrong call

make the right report

to keep it


information asymmetry

is the evil

and Satan’s dolls

need to be burnt


they eat our sons

for ham burgers

and beef steak


Love Song to a Spy

Dear Shelly Ho, Life is Tough, Karma is a Corgi Bitch

You  bluffed your way, I liked you on top, but it was time to switch

We had so much tea and cake, they had to raise our pay and stupid salary

But words come to haunt us years later after they first came on internet TV

You liked bartenders and musicians I liked women with actual boobs

You were short as a midget but true that I was slow as a noob

We were born on opposite sides of opposite clans

Rose and peaches dont mix with deep brown tan

So to the flag and our kingdoms we shall return

Try to mess  with our minds or atleast notice the burn

And wonder what if could have been

Had we been born verily to the same White Queen

How could you have any pudding if you don’t have your meat

How can you have the love of your life if you don’t leave the tower seat

How can you listen to the rain if you wont wait for the end of the sentence

How can you stand the pain if you no longer have data to repent

spy wifey