at the end of the evening

I now have no reason to live

I have no reason to now die

I no more need to smile and laugh

I have no excuses to frown or cry

I am out of cliches which I can use to rhyme

I am out of tricks that I can work for a dime

I am selling lemonade but I am out of a lime

I am stuck in a moment but I cannot figure out the time

I am not a man anymore I can say that I am boy

I am equi distant from sorrow or any feeling of joy

I am a bored playboy who needs one last toy

I am a washed out politician playing one lost ploy

I was wrting a song but I think I got it wrong

I was telling a short story but I may have spoken too long

Was I demanding once again to your ear

I played with your doubts and now I play with your fear

Author: Ajay Ohri

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