Someday Schumday

someday I will ride upon a star

someday my days of thinking I am not so far

someday I will try and actually smile

and admit I have been faking and pretending all this while

someday I will admit I was wrong

someday I will know the words to that song

someday is out there waiting for me

when the clouds part, moonlight will let me see

someday I will balance my greed with my lust

someday I will not be annoyed by surrounding affairs unjust

someday is not too far for you and me and he and she

illusion is just bullshit covering reality

someday I will know how to end this song

someday I wont care whether I was right and wrong

someday when I walk into the large ballroom

you will stand and cheer away the blues of my doom


Author: Ajay Ohri

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