One Last Dance

dawn woke up full up of surprises

dusk approached and darkness rises

the moon basks in reflected light of the sun

I am alone writing thoughts for some one

deep currents beneath the calm sea

you will never guess what is bugging me

smile I shall at your commands

bow I shall when ettquette demands

yet the heart will always loiter on

these long fingers will write one more song

for poets pander to their crazy noises

as sparrows chirp in their high voices

no I know I shall never be free

yes I know you will always follow me

this at least I promise you once  more

when the fish sleeps you wont hear it snore

for dawn shall follow the dusk again

and laughter will hug away your imaginary pain

surrounded by friends you will have no chance

to stand and shuffle and get ready for one last dance


Author: Ajay Ohri

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