square moot

insecurity is the root of greatness

creativity is often accompanied by pain

curiosity is the key to passion

thunder does not always imply rain

serendipity is the way to discovery

cliches are what are used to impress

shallow is the spin all around you

perseverance is the path to success

empires are built on corpses


homes are built on dreams deep

corpses are dead men who do not dream

to dream we must occasionally sleep

treachery is part of relationships

lies is a subset of life

politeness is what keeps our shit together

disagreements can led to strife

friendship can make the sun shine brighter

love can make you and me blind

exercise because the body is a machine

read because that is food for the mind

logic is the way to solve

reason is the way to overcome

luck is just probabilistic randomness

experiences can sometimes leave us numb

you can waste your life drawing boundaries

you can live your life crossing  them

you can waste your time thinking on my lines

you can pause and think ahem



Author: Ajay Ohri


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