feel extra sarcastic

feeling extra sarcastic today

I drank my tea but tea wont chase my blue away

I dreamt of you last night but you didn’t hug me in my dreams

I felt rejected and I still feel this way

now I don’t have one anyone else to pounce on

so my rejection has turned into a sarcastic bounce on

in this time of taking stock of my feelings so blue

I am sarcastic to others because I am still missing you-

loving smiles have turned to a cynical curl

age turns sand to stone in this cruel world

what else can we do but use sarcasm as a mechanism of defense

for love has left us with shattered armor and a battered offence

so when someone asked me how do I do what I claim to do

I said I just channelize my memory of you

when I am down your rage drives me ahead

when I am up your memory drives me to my med




Here comes Johnny

so you wake up in the morning
I have to screw someone today
because my life hasnt been easy
and it was never meant to be this way

and so you try and find a target
because someone is getting screwed today
but wait a minute Johnny
rain suspended play

so you seethe inside your basement
what could we have done today
and the angels whisper in your head
dont turn to the dark side this way

so you find yourself a computer
and your hack your code ahead
because wait a minute Johnny
we need caviar with our bread

so what started off as a piss off day
ended up with a dance in the moon
and as for the people I was supposed to screw
Johnny will see you soon

make them tremble

I have lived my life badly

Before I came to my senses and started living it well

I have sold out to my impulses my greed and lust

Before I woke up and smelt the napalm in the morning

I have given up on friends too soon

Before regret guilt and common sense made me return to them

I thought too many times of dying and killing this thing they call life

Before I decided to make death tremble when they come for me

I am learning Karate Dad

so I talked to you son

after what, I think two months

you see I was at this party last night

and one of my friends told me not to give up on you

I made my usual excuses

that your mom was being difficult and I felt humiliated

but I took my friend’s advice

and I called you

at first you played your old game

that you could not hear my voice

but I did not get frustrated

I told you I could see through this game

that I know you could hear me fine

and I asked you son

what are you doing for summer vacations

and you said you were learning karate

then you hung up