feel extra sarcastic

feeling extra sarcastic today

I drank my tea but tea wont chase my blue away

I dreamt of you last night but you didn’t hug me in my dreams

I felt rejected and I still feel this way

now I don’t have one anyone else to pounce on

so my rejection has turned into a sarcastic bounce on

in this time of taking stock of my feelings so blue

I am sarcastic to others because I am still missing you-

loving smiles have turned to a cynical curl

age turns sand to stone in this cruel world

what else can we do but use sarcasm as a mechanism of defense

for love has left us with shattered armor and a battered offence

so when someone asked me how do I do what I claim to do

I said I just channelize my memory of you

when I am down your rage drives me ahead

when I am up your memory drives me to my med




Author: Ajay Ohri


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