Some Day

some day I will rise up on these stars

I will be an angel too and I will

wave to you from far

some day these chains will all be dust

I will get you to the gold

and I promise you wont be sold

Some day this band will up the jazz

we will be so done with the fads

they forced us to sing for a lark

some day I will be holding your hand

and you will understand

why I waited till that day


times are changing but dylan is now a product

times have always been changing but dylan is now a product

my ways are just arranging the tears in my eye duct

your wandering eyes and my wandering mind

are in a strange flashback which plays rewind

the river is full of dreams but billy just got thrice hitched

my dreams have been expelled from the river to the ditch

I am tired of your lies and you am weary of my sighs

while we smile each other pretending we are wise

damn I revealed too much of my self in this tale

damn I am being setup for a mission bound to fail

I will satisfy analytically to anyone who has the price

but if you ask me to wait you  may not find me nice


Enter Oblivion

when the day has gone past the red sun to its dark home

when there is no one around and when the birds have flown

the jobs are done and the tasks are over for now

in the silence in my home instead of how

I wait for the incoming dawns

the fake smiles and the genuine frowns

and the ebbs and flows of the life time song

of the rights and the wrongs

in the fire sale how we gave the store away

when dark knights limped the white clowns play

for this I write when I surrounded by light

for this you read when you balance your greed and need

this poem shall end the song shall fade

we will go on to whistle one more tune

in this autumn of falling leaves

the hiatus between my December and your june



if but for one more smile

its one of those days you wish you never got out of bed

one of those days when you wish the voices stay inside your head

its one of those days you wished you could dance

one of those days when you deserve the twelfth chance

I am a terrible person so terrible I can be

I got a surfboard for a tongue surfing in your sea

When narcissism overwhelms I can be an artist with an ax

Revving up my chainsaw when I am slipping through the cracks

No force can gather what I had last for tea

They think they know like a friend intimately

I am recovering arsehole and I am trying to be nice

But I am sinner O Lord and Sarcasm is my vice

When I wake up I clutch my pillow head

Lonely man drowning in the emptiness of my bed

You think life is crazy and you think you have seen it all

But wait till you see the Pygmies roar while Lions beg to crawl

Now maybe that was incorrect politically

But fantasy shall succumb to inevitable reality

I am not a beautiful son mom and I was an ugly dad

Once the whiskey is inside me I turn into a bull gone mad

I sell algorithms by the dozen and I sell it under the tree

Wont you come by my shop and see how pretty I can be

Wont you sit by my side and manipulate me if but for a while

For I will sell you my empire if but for one more smile




Alpha Prime

I am the last of my line
and the first of my breed
I am the one of a kind

and the owner of my creed

I am duly inspired
I am dully required
Inspite of the many spites thrown at me

I am the master of my ship and I sail my sea

I used two many Is
I crossed too many T’s
I did not fail to realize

What destiny holds for me

We are all dead men walking
From ashes to ashes and dust to dust
In the interval from the womb to the grave

Lust power and glory what we think we should crave

Every man has his destiny
Mine was to play with my abacus and your alphabet
Every warrior has his shield Every man has his chariot

We can only ask what chance brings for Destiny bestows a rickshaw or a corvette

Now it is time to go
Say old friends goodbye and new friends hello
For this was my song and it is sung
While afar a newly minted bell is yet to be rung
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