Stabbed in the back in an Indian gully

my eyes feel sore

there is an ache and I break

when I look back the memories

of someone I thought was a friend and a child

whom I liked and excused though occasionally wild

but what they were just serpents in my back

though obscure I could not help tally up this time

how you spilled out your poison behind

my back

my back

stabbed in my back

by my friend

by my student

by my blind faith

though now I pause I have to let me decide

how I shall survive

how this poet survives

in this jungle of bad vibes

in this pool of mediocrity

and my lust for glory

my dream of hubris

to die ozymandias

stabbed in my back

with people I drank beer with

on the roof under the moon

while we dreamed


Author: Ajay Ohri

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