if but for one more smile

its one of those days you wish you never got out of bed

one of those days when you wish the voices stay inside your head

its one of those days you wished you could dance

one of those days when you deserve the twelfth chance

I am a terrible person so terrible I can be

I got a surfboard for a tongue surfing in your sea

When narcissism overwhelms I can be an artist with an ax

Revving up my chainsaw when I am slipping through the cracks

No force can gather what I had last for tea

They think they know like a friend intimately

I am recovering arsehole and I am trying to be nice

But I am sinner O Lord and Sarcasm is my vice

When I wake up I clutch my pillow head

Lonely man drowning in the emptiness of my bed

You think life is crazy and you think you have seen it all

But wait till you see the Pygmies roar while Lions beg to crawl

Now maybe that was incorrect politically

But fantasy shall succumb to inevitable reality

I am not a beautiful son mom and I was an ugly dad

Once the whiskey is inside me I turn into a bull gone mad

I sell algorithms by the dozen and I sell it under the tree

Wont you come by my shop and see how pretty I can be

Wont you sit by my side and manipulate me if but for a while

For I will sell you my empire if but for one more smile




Author: Ajay Ohri


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