It’s Paris

In Paris, we met under a cafe

Sipping wine under the trees

Laughing at the light blue sky

The music putting at ease

In Paris, I had all my friends

I felt it was my destiny

Art and beauty and culture and music

Intertwined with meeting me

In Paris, when we were celebrating life

the bad guys came for a night

But it’s Paris my friends and we never give in

We will always be back for the fight

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its been some time that I drank some wine

its been some time I ate pork chops in a line

its been some time since I made love to a poem

its been some time I tried to be Leo Cohen

its too early for us to talk

its too early for me to walk

its too early for saying goodbyes

its too early to swallow those lies

its too late for regret and sorrow

its too late for yesterday too early for tomorrow

its too late to think what could have been

its too late to close your eyes to what can be seen

its the right time for me to write

its the right time for you to fight

its the right time for us to say hi

its the right time to aim at the sky

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