New Year Resolutions for 2016

I must do less of this and more of that

That is all my old years have taught

My new year resolutions are full of promises and hope

Even though I am a boxer hanging on to the rope

I must be more fit so I need to walk more

I must learn to be more forgiving and keep less score

I must sit less so less video games it should be

But do old gamers change so easily

I need to have goals I will then work to

Instead of making things on the fly

Because life is passing me slowly

I often sit alone and cry

I need a girl and a girl needs money to be just mine

Money needs work and work needs me to rise and shine

So we need to shut up and listen to the people who pay us

Before our mounting bills throw us under the bus

So January we move to a different town

or even shoot for the Paradise city

where the money is green

and the air is pretty

We also try to educate your biffy self

Because the older the mind the dustier it’s shelf

So we plan to get a degree from school

Try and be more happy is the goal to be cool

Once these things are done the year can be easily predicted

The books we have to write the stories we need to tell

Are two more technology books and one poetry tale

That’s the goal we set out for my fire sale

Keep it simple and keep it together

Is all we need to do

2015 is gone

2016 will be cool


Report Card for the Year

This is my report card for the year

It is the sum of my joy and fear

What went wrong and what went well

What I can say and what I am afraid to tell

In January I fell sick and regained my health

In February I tried a new job to get some wealth

In March I met a girl and I tried to be a friend

But by July that story had to end

In April I tried to make some money

In May we planned to get out and sunny

In June we found I was too old for summer school

But July found me and my desires did cool

By August the money was up but I was lonely still

By September it was time to change my will

In October we moved and tried a different city

By November we were back home in a pity

By December we were stiff and cold

Never mind next year happier tales would be told

So that was my report card for this year

Next year with hope we wait my dear



Short story said the man

The battery on his laptop was low. He had forgotten the charger again at home. This story would be short.

He had been reading Hemingway all day. That guy Hemingway sure could write. Probably could write better in two pages than I can do in next two decades. Stay positive, he reminded himself. Anger is more useful than despair.

In the corner of the cafe, the girl of his dreams was busy chatting with a cruel looking man with a perfect jawline. Why do pretty young girls attract cruel looking men. Perhaps that’s why he had managed to stay single for four decades. Anyways girls interfered with his writing. The happier he was, the less he could write.

His neck was hurting again. I really should spend more time with people I can look upto than with laptops I look down into, the man thought to himself. Perhaps it was the cold. Perhaps he was getting old. Perhaps he was using too many perhaps.

When he was young he had dreamt of being a rich famous good looking man. They would chant my name, he had promised myself when he was twenty. They would not chant my name, he reassured himself when he was fourty.

Perhaps it was the Hemingway book. Hemingway wrote in a deceptively simple style.  Hemingway and Churchill were the two Nobel Prize Winners of Literature he looked upto.. My heroes, said the man. My heroes would never write a short story like this.


Christmas Hope

Sunshine on a cold day breaking through the cloud

Unexpected phone call interrupting morbid thoughts loud

Unexpected hugs that are sent your way

Give me some hope darling in this daily day

Moment of levity in a routine drear

Some bright news that brings cheer

When the world crashes and burn with nary an iota of peace

Give me hope darling for days like these


We don’t know what the future holds

Yet we wonder we worry yet we nag and scold

If we could only learn to spread some hope and joy

In this world of hurt and annoy

There is a daily festival of doom and despair

Yet we could only hang on, Christmas is almost there




Science Fiction Story- Renegade

The renegade program was created by the TransAsian government in the 2990s. It was a combination of the NOC non official combatant program and NSA backdrops program. Like most spy masters in Transasia in the 2980s Seth the creator of the Renegade program was a fan of the  history of esponiage and the AngloSaxon school appealed to him more than the Slavic model or the Oriental method model for training agents.

A renegade agent received no compensation nor any communication from his operator. Total deniability meant total expediency. Everyone gets caught and a renegade was expected to have a high probability of being captured or self terminated. There is nothing an enemy agent or an organization inimical to Trans Asia could gain from the mind of a renegade. Indeed these were an elite bunch of hacker spies but anonymous and unconnected on the surface. The renegades were digital lone wolves.

Battling inevitable politics from the bureaucratic corps and the hypocritical outrages from the governments auditor accountant corps Seth had managed to create the renegades.

What was a renegade cyber warrior trained in. He was a self contained self sufficient hacker. Self succiency was a value borrowed from the Free Masons. A renegade was supposed to have inherent genetic curiosity hard wired in his brain. Curiosity was the human equivalent of machine learning thought Seth. A curious renegade would keep himself learning through out life and ultimately out think his more technologically equipped and more well funded opponents..
A renegade could hack. He could hack a local election by using social media to spread the right kind of rumours targeted to the behaviour of micro segments most in decided.  Hell he could even modify an X ray machine to remotely manipulate an electronic voting machine. Of course the agent would have to be trained in both politics as well as socio economic history of the target people or race undergoing the election.

Once the renegades ensured the right friends got voted in the right corners of the Globe TransAsia government could continue its goal of becoming an under the radar superpower by trade alone and not by war. Who needs war when you have politicians in other countries to fight it for you.

Within two decades Seth could demonstrate a remarkable degree of success in the renegade operation. Military budgets were down by 50% yet global economic advantages to Trans Asia were up by 15%.

It was time Seth thought that I write the memories and memoirs of my renegades.
He had no illusions he would be allowed to publish the Chronicles of Renegade Cyber Corps of Trans Asia in his lifetime. may be his grandkids could go to college on the movie rights . By that time operational doctrines would have evolved so ahead the Renegades would be safe.

Those motherfucking renegades. That was not the motto of the corps. It was the ultimate compliment paid to then in one of their ops by the principal rival. An ideal op by a renegade hacker led to no human losses on any side especially his own side and ensured tactical superiority with operational excellence and strategic progress.

This is their story. The renegades story.