New Year Resolutions for 2016

I must do less of this and more of that

That is all my old years have taught

My new year resolutions are full of promises and hope

Even though I am a boxer hanging on to the rope

I must be more fit so I need to walk more

I must learn to be more forgiving and keep less score

I must sit less so less video games it should be

But do old gamers change so easily

I need to have goals I will then work to

Instead of making things on the fly

Because life is passing me slowly

I often sit alone and cry

I need a girl and a girl needs money to be just mine

Money needs work and work needs me to rise and shine

So we need to shut up and listen to the people who pay us

Before our mounting bills throw us under the bus

So January we move to a different town

or even shoot for the Paradise city

where the money is green

and the air is pretty

We also try to educate your biffy self

Because the older the mind the dustier it’s shelf

So we plan to get a degree from school

Try and be more happy is the goal to be cool

Once these things are done the year can be easily predicted

The books we have to write the stories we need to tell

Are two more technology books and one poetry tale

That’s the goal we set out for my fire sale

Keep it simple and keep it together

Is all we need to do

2015 is gone

2016 will be cool


Author: Ajay Ohri

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