Report Card for the Year

This is my report card for the year

It is the sum of my joy and fear

What went wrong and what went well

What I can say and what I am afraid to tell

In January I fell sick and regained my health

In February I tried a new job to get some wealth

In March I met a girl and I tried to be a friend

But by July that story had to end

In April I tried to make some money

In May we planned to get out and sunny

In June we found I was too old for summer school

But July found me and my desires did cool

By August the money was up but I was lonely still

By September it was time to change my will

In October we moved and tried a different city

By November we were back home in a pity

By December we were stiff and cold

Never mind next year happier tales would be told

So that was my report card for this year

Next year with hope we wait my dear



Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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