there are happy days and there are sad days

there are very good and somewhat bad days

above all there are those quaint mad days

well you look up at the sky and feel like talking to dad days

I forgot the next few lines I am sorry

Had it happened to you tried to make art in a hurry

In these never remembered almost forgotten glad days

I am sure we have to overcome our habit formed lad ways

Growing up is hard and I am tired of being tall

Of explaining to the world why I am not such a genius after all

The messiah died on a cross some years ago

You were knocking on the wrong man’s door for sure

I am a cigar down to the last but one puff

A life less ordinary and a life lived rough

Now I am in the counting of the stars locked up in my tower

Too late princess these scars concealed the cancer till the last hour


Pretty Girl I met in a cafe

I met a pretty girl in a cafe

I first saw her on this dating site

Though I have been burnt before by women I may say

The heart longs for hope and to hold my hand

They have not create a robot or an app to hold my hand

I am not sure they sympathize or even understand

Loneliness can driven even a lion to be mad

This lion just wants more music in his band

I saw some pretty art at a gallery today

Though I have seen much before it still took me away

To a place far away where logic cannot reach

Where the parish priest shuts up and allow the poets to preach

They have not created an algorithm or some software

That can mimick an artist and hold you steady in his stare

Art is beauty and beauty is food for the soul

What takes me way from my mundane daily goal

My daily goal is to earn enough to fund my tea

For this writer needs tea and tea needs money

But we need solitude and we need some beauty too

Which is why my friend I wrote this poem for you




Two feet away

There is a blonde girl sitting two feet away from me

I think she is blond but the light is too dim for me to see

Plus I am not wearing my glasses and I am getting soft in the head

From day dreaming too long for angels to appear beside my bed

There is a brunette sitting four feet across
She wont even look this way I am afraid she is cross

Well she glances at her watch someone is making her wait

Alas my dear when love gets  impatient it resembles hate

There is a old man  across the room and he is staring at my ass

I am afraid he is wasting his time here but I am afraid I sound crass

For each his own and each one his love to pander

For I love girls but they dont love me back and I wonder

Love and lust and just plain old company

For someone to hold my hand and say honey it is okay

For loneliness inevitably follows melancholy

And I have cried on my pillow too many times this year

So we scan our radar and begin our game

There is girl sitting in front of me who may like the way I say her name

She is cute and she is pretty and her eyes show she can be kind

Just when you thought the record was over I stopped and hit rewind




With my headphones in a cafe

Here I am the day after  New Years Eve

Rocking my headphones in a cafe

I could be sorry as I write these words

But last year melancholy almost killed me

For now I am singing and swearing

With my headphones in a cafe

Looking at all the pretty people in their misery

While I dig deep and explore

I am dancing with Adele and I am talking  with Drake

with my headphones in a cafe

In my imagination I am the king

holding on to my poetry and my precious ring

With my headphones in a cafe

I have made all my resolutions

All my problems and their possible solutions

Now it is time to break them and laugh