Two feet away

There is a blonde girl sitting two feet away from me

I think she is blond but the light is too dim for me to see

Plus I am not wearing my glasses and I am getting soft in the head

From day dreaming too long for angels to appear beside my bed

There is a brunette sitting four feet across
She wont even look this way I am afraid she is cross

Well she glances at her watch someone is making her wait

Alas my dear when love gets  impatient it resembles hate

There is a old man  across the room and he is staring at my ass

I am afraid he is wasting his time here but I am afraid I sound crass

For each his own and each one his love to pander

For I love girls but they dont love me back and I wonder

Love and lust and just plain old company

For someone to hold my hand and say honey it is okay

For loneliness inevitably follows melancholy

And I have cried on my pillow too many times this year

So we scan our radar and begin our game

There is girl sitting in front of me who may like the way I say her name

She is cute and she is pretty and her eyes show she can be kind

Just when you thought the record was over I stopped and hit rewind




Author: Ajay Ohri

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