Pretty Girl I met in a cafe

I met a pretty girl in a cafe

I first saw her on this dating site

Though I have been burnt before by women I may say

The heart longs for hope and to hold my hand

They have not create a robot or an app to hold my hand

I am not sure they sympathize or even understand

Loneliness can driven even a lion to be mad

This lion just wants more music in his band

I saw some pretty art at a gallery today

Though I have seen much before it still took me away

To a place far away where logic cannot reach

Where the parish priest shuts up and allow the poets to preach

They have not created an algorithm or some software

That can mimick an artist and hold you steady in his stare

Art is beauty and beauty is food for the soul

What takes me way from my mundane daily goal

My daily goal is to earn enough to fund my tea

For this writer needs tea and tea needs money

But we need solitude and we need some beauty too

Which is why my friend I wrote this poem for you




Author: Ajay Ohri

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