there are happy days and there are sad days

there are very good and somewhat bad days

above all there are those quaint mad days

well you look up at the sky and feel like talking to dad days

I forgot the next few lines I am sorry

Had it happened to you tried to make art in a hurry

In these never remembered almost forgotten glad days

I am sure we have to overcome our habit formed lad ways

Growing up is hard and I am tired of being tall

Of explaining to the world why I am not such a genius after all

The messiah died on a cross some years ago

You were knocking on the wrong man’s door for sure

I am a cigar down to the last but one puff

A life less ordinary and a life lived rough

Now I am in the counting of the stars locked up in my tower

Too late princess these scars concealed the cancer till the last hour


Author: Ajay Ohri

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