American Journey

The desert is beautiful and epic adventures await
In your hour of need you discover love can forgive hate
We will sleep when we die and we will die before we rest
Valhalla awaits Zion but this monkey is taking rest in the West
Sounds are loud and the sirens surround
Leave the dogs to fight the cats or preach wisdom profound

Let it snow before you start blaming the rain
Let this land welcome you and heal you from the pain

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Walk before you dance

there is so much beauty here I fail to understand

why it took me so long to stand up and be counted as a man

travelling with his hat and laptop on his back

bright eyes searching for calmer waters beneath blue skies

free from the bondage of guilt and self-doubt

free from the past and alive in the present

living in las vegas and traveling to the mountains through the sea

discovering the America they dont show you on TV

laughing bout redemption and eventual celebrity

pausing to walk and rest beneath the shady tree

come, walk with me

I still have a great body and I am like Jesus at thirty three

these bed bugs wont defeat the best of me

wont you think about what you are going to do

when I hand over my pitiful secrets in a chalice to you

you think you know for sure I am crazy as a clown

living depraved narcissism in fun town

I am scanning the horizon for hurricanes to lift me like Dorothy

An Indian with my ear to the ground hearing imaginary sounds

listening to Simon and Garfunkel while soaking in the hot tub

living the song I am listening on my ear

wont you dance with me my dear


Traveling Horse

I am sitting on a plane, reading a book

Waiting for my turn to return to earth

I am watching people and they are watching me

Of course we are all polite here, for we are a civilized society

On the road to Santa Fe, there are rodeos to win and lose

While we eat calculated morsels, trying to postpone eternity

I have a budget for money, calories, eyes and my brain

God himself shudders at trying to decrypt my imaginary pain

Even malfunctioning androids fall in love with a randomized thought

Grace may save you but only coffee and a coat keeps you hot

You need two to tango and they bombed Paris to a crisp

They left you no butter to lubricate your imaginary trip

Grace may take you to heaven but she needs a fee in advance

There are no games of skill and there are no games of chance

Pencil and paper are all they allowed you to use

They split your winnings and didnt care when you lose

Superman’s tears are Batman’s wine

Are you okay sir, Yes I am absolutely fine

I am writing this poem, but I am hoping to sell it as a song

An aging sheriff throwing his last Superbowl on broken arm

It was a game of percentages and a coin is all you need to begin again

Very shortly they will find you drunk again in a drain

Then nod and shrug as they set you back on Chrome horse

To ride to the East on a sunset gone from bad to worse




Scotch Song

I need a gun in my mouth and a scotch in my hand

I am a Lethal Weapon Redux whose poetry you wont understand

I am pretending to be a artist but all I care is the bread

I keep on appearances while inside my heart goes dead

I am a Christain without any faith I am black without any soul

I am a wandering samurai with no master and no goal

I am brown as mud and white as ice

I am recovering from all anonymous trying to be nice

I couldn’t hurt a fly but I could invade your kingdom come

I suppose undue advantage flows to those stoically numb

I think I am a hacker but I keep forgetting my keys

I think I am bad ass deadpool but I keep asking if you may please

I could lose the poetic flow with a word lazy in edit

I gain it back your respect with my passion to commit

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? Who kills a mockingbird

At the end of the day all I have is my faith on the word

I ran out of cliches and I ran out of words to time

Its catch 22 here and soon you shall witness a crime

Of a life less beautiful or a song more pretty so

I can keep them coming but are you sure you want to know