I don’t know why I do this

But I do this still completely

When I am done insulting people

I start insulting me

I know I talk too much

to the voices in my head

But I have not been sleeping lately

I can sleep when I am dead

This moment shall pass me

When my bipolar mind does return

From the Artic Circle of melting ice

to the Antartica of depleting ozone

You may think that I am joking

But I am writing this standing down

To be a stand up comedian

You have to stop playing the clown

Yes I am sure you can empathize

for what else have you suffered through

Your coupons have been delayed

While your bills are overdue

When they told I was rude

I told them they were right

But when they suggested the strait jacket

I decided like Donald Trump I would fight

So I stood for an election

and I even won a million vote

I am sure I was entertaining

But I am just the sacrificial goat

For when it comes to self-loathing

no one can beat this land

Simplicity passes for decency

entertainment is what they understand

Mocking the rituals  of my leaders

Playing the detective in church

I discovered where they buried the bodies

After they stopped leaving me in lurch

Screenshot from 2016-03-06 17:49:45







Author: Ajay Ohri

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