The Chess Song

I am sitting at the table and I am playing chess

I think I am going to win but my mind is not at rest

For I dont care if I dont belong

And I dont care if you dont like my song

All I want my dear is just another chess game with you

I know there are Russians who are waiting for me

Bu tell me lovely darling are they as pretty as thee

Can they cook me a curry at a place you can’t see

Its no fun playing Chess with a Russian because they never let you win

And when you get panic attacks they surround you with sin

You think you are a hero but you cannot go home

You love to see your daddy but daddy was wrong

I am surrounded by beauty and intelligence too

You know them how they think they know it all

Why dont you join the Circus darling see snow with me

We could play chess all day long beneath George Orwell’s tree

No you can call me Al, and I will call you Ed

You can call me Sue and I can be Johnny Cash in bed

But if you think we are walking out on a sunset anytime soon

There are no sunsets in the land Nikita sent you

You may think I am crazy and I am just looking for a key

I may hack your brain to gain minor celebrity

You could be wrong you could be right you would never be sure

And darling do remember to always close the door

There is snow oh snow and there are Red Hot Chillies to sing about it

There is just the Holy Ghost and what Delhi brings about it

This is an Irish story and we know how it will float

The Boston cop will shoot the good looking man on the boat

You think I am a pig you can shoot and eat for lunch

Ask the Scotch how they make haggis we have scotch for brunch

You think I am in defiance and I agree it is a delusion too

For love is always prettier than a piano

There are voice in my head telling me to roll and be dead

There are messages that keep me awake when I am in my bed

There are events and there are dreams and there is mathematics

There is no way we can let you play with these semantics

I need a Jewish girl with a heart of Gold

I need an Irish woman who would let her story be told

I need a redhead before I am dead

But I just need to look and that is how artists are fed

For what is life but a journey between bus and rail

For what good is a cop if you remove the jail

For what is love if all they sell you is porn

You can dance all night but I need chess in the morn


Screenshot from 2016-03-14 12:51:25


Author: Ajay Ohri

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