Dinner Out

Is it my sinful heart, or is it Satan at work again

Are there demonic forces, or is it just the super natural pain

Is it a restless heart, or is it a bipolar mind

Is it the guilt of a son I left behind

Do I love the instant and am I afraid of staying alone

I am the man with a machine gun for a computer phone

Do I need Annie Oakley who can cook dal

Or do I need a dog who can sit at my feet in fall

Am I wandering poet with a Jewish last name

Am I renegade pirate who is playing the spy game

In this moment of a death defying leap

Am I a Radio head singing Creep

Or am I just confused and hungry for love

A sign from heavens to part above

Some dinner would be nice and it would be awesome and swell

Dinner out with a twelve year scotch and I will tell

Author: Ajay Ohri


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