we are the misfits and now you need us

we are the misfits the ones staring alone at the phone

the ones reading Wikipedia when the world was surfing porn

the ones celebrating art and beauty of God’s planet than his book

the ones walking with the heads down and our eyes averted

now you need us now you say you love us that you always did

to jailbreak your phones from the tyranny of corporations

to make your websites easier for single moms to get healthcare

to work uncomplainingly in your hotels and say How May I Help You

for if Angels can fall we were just misfits in the society we were born by accident

we chose the religion because our fathers threatened to take our supper away

we chose the faith to escape the fact that we dont really belong and will never will

we were broken in manifold ways but that is the only way we could learn to repair the world

Screenshot from 2016-03-23 12:47:41

Author: Ajay Ohri


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