Sin and Sex

when the lights go out there is no color to my skin

when the sheets are smooth there is no virtue no sin

if God did not want us to be tempted why did he give you breasts

if my eyes did not want you why do they finally fail these tests

when your light skin merges with my brown tone

when there is love au natural and no one on the phone

when there is no hypocrisy and no manipulation to get me in bed

I shall be forgiven for my sins but let me dance till I am dead

let me watch the children play and laugh at night

let me watch before the demons burn away my sight

let me sing and let me sigh for all the beauty around

I am a metaphorical Dick today but I hope you like my sound

You may be a metaphorical Pussy Cat when the lights mellow out

We play with metaphors honey when the mind is full of doubts

Someday we will meet in flesh  in face in time

Burn my visas and passports and commit fresh crimes

Till then it is you alone with your fingers and me with my hand

As we use them to type poetry and what else do you understand

For sex is a cliche and romance died on the beach

I have so many things to learn and you have many things to teach



Author: Ajay Ohri

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