The God Poem

I asked my God in times of doubt

Where are you and I am in trouble

He said I am inside your brain

Waiting for you to wake up and find

That Heaven and Hell are all inside you

Holy Ghost and Satan are right inside you

Sin and Virtue are choices for you

You will get what you choose

you will pay for what you give

you will pay for what you give

back to the universe

but when it is all done

and you are done with the logic and beliefs

I will be the one who hugs

you to sleep when you are alone

I am the voice in your head

When no one calls you on the phone

To remind you Son

You were loved when you were born

You will be missed

When you die

The ground beneath will soak

Tears when you cry

I am GOD and I exist

in a part of your brain

All you have to do

Is stop making excuses

And wake up

And smell whatever you choose



Author: Ajay Ohri

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