Logical Kindness

I teach my brain to be compassionate

I train my mind to be kind

I beseech my heart to be more logical

To leave emotions and thoughts behind

There lies the dilemma

the dichotomy if you can find

Kindness is not logical

Logic is not kind

there lies the illusion of choice

there lies the confusion of my mind

Shall I be fair and ruthless

Shall I leave my mercy behind

Or shall I adapt and play the game

Exchange new rules for the older rules that bind

Shall I adopt the rules for a new name

Play patience and cash out just in time

Shall I swallow the perceived insults

Shall I sweeten my tongue to kiss your behind

Shall I surrender to the helplessness of my fate

Where else shall a loving friend can I find

I could sell my soul for a hug

I could never explain why I complain

I could fly my magic carpet for my drug

I could leave my new friends for my old pain

or I could sway and turn

like a daffodil to the sun

Just be beautiful

Thus Please everyone

Screenshot from 2016-04-23 00:19:43



Author: Ajay Ohri


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