The secret life of John Doe

I am thinking alone sitting in a motel room

Prince is dead and in my own way I mourn

Dead artists are worth their weight in gold

I guess you already knew that but I was already sold

Everybody tries to tell you what you have already been told

The secret life of John Doe who refuses to grow old

I was riding on the bus and then I rode a train

You were out there with me silently helping me with the pain

Now the train has stopped and we are no longer cold

They tried to hack our mind but we refused to fold

So now we have hope and now we have a chance

So now we have someone to hold and someone to dance

The secret life of John Doe who refused to fold

When they sent him in the snow and he got cold

When they sent gifts of silver and gold

Who shed his fears and finally grew bold

Screenshot from 2016-04-25 22:29:34

Author: Ajay Ohri

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