Mental Fatigue

I need a secret detail following me

I need protection of the highest kind

I have no recourse to my enemy

I need protection from my mind

My mind numbs me with fears

My brain injects me with pain

The roller coaster of hope followed by disappointments

Is driving this joker insane

I am afraid to talk to strangers

When I begin I just dont know when to shut up

I think I have been lonely too long

I think I am still hoping for some love

But I am forty years old I have been here awhile

balding, round, middle aged not senile

I am no teenage heartthrob anymore

and I am no longer anyone’s child

Much needed a mental condom to prevent my brain from fucking itself

I should look to count the roses ahead not the withered potato crop behind

I should be writing more poetry than reading the ones on the shelf

I need better protection from the dark corners from my mind

Have you been there before

Do you even pretend to understand

Out there waiting in the ether for me

Hoping I grow up to be a better man


Screenshot from 2016-04-27 08:19:32

Author: Ajay Ohri

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