Mahalo said the Queen

Mahalo said the Queen

How are you and how have you been

Did you decide to grow up now that you are no longer thirteen

You may think you are a peacock but take care to preen

Oy said the Lady

Are you for real Mr Brady

Do you deserve a shot to your head

Do you need someone to read your rights before you are dead

Hallo said the pretty stranger on the phone

Are you lonesome or are you pretending to be alone

So you like in a motel besides the turnpike besides the city

Too many besides can break the poetic rhythm of your beauty

Shalom said my friend

There you go dancing again

Take time to pause and take time to rest

We love you when you perform your best

Inshallah said my Dog

My master is cuckoo but I am a Wog

The trouble with darkness beneath the glass

Is sometimes smart men are too proud to ask

Namaste I said to everyone with a sigh

I am no Shakespeare but you can’t blame I didn’t try

While landing from the fire to the pan with the curry fish fry

I said let me be the catcher of your sigh

Screenshot from 2016-05-02 15:33:20

Author: Ajay Ohri

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