Monday Moody Monday

This morning I broke up with my fuck buddy

I wanted to be like John Snow naked but alive

She prefers me naked and dead

To balance the yin with the yang

I broke up with a guy I have played cricket with since high school

Further rounding it up I think I will have to go back to the shitty place they call mother nation

It’s like going back into your mother’s vagina because you don’t like it out there

To balance it I decided to play my karma card

Write a poem write some code write some messages

Basically do all the fucked up things that I have been doing to fuck up my life

But hey I discovered some courage and finally got a salad from Wawa for five dollars

It’s a miracle and praise Jesus Christ one and only Lord and Savior of man and excel sheets

The lad wants to drink poetry rather than eat pudding After he ate his meat

I guess that’s why they call it passed over for pass over

What a fucking Monday. It is just 4 PM and I won’t be fucked for next six months now

Not by anyone else atleast

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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