I write poetry for five cents a hour

Meanwhile pimps line up to sell my brain at two hundred dollars a minute

I guess I must be foolish I sure feel naive

For what good is a poet when the world needs better advertisements after all

I am not very good at poetry and I am pushing forty now

An eighteen year old Jewish kid at Princeton has more creativity than me

A twenty year old Korean has more angst than me

Me, I am just a confused brown man, I am neither black nor white

You can not kill a baby on Television and that is just the game

You can not say these seven words in Television Church or in poetry readings too

You can be addicted to guns or Jesus or to porn and that is your constitutional choice

But statistics say people who like the Second Amendment dont really like the First

And vice versa in the Purple States of the nations of refined intellectual Europeans

What else is the choice Go to Africa hunt lions and die like a constant Gardner

Go back to India and watch the new Nazis discover new ways to hate via new technology

There is a lot of money to be made, and I am wasting my time in poetry

Author: Ajay Ohri


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