bipolar is just another name for manic depression

some days the statue some days the pigeon

if that is your brain you could be bipolar

which is used to be manic depressive in the 1980s

some days the Artic ice melts and some days the Antartic ocean churns

that is bi fucking polar not to be confused

by bi sexual hetero sexual and hetero flexible

we have fifty states fifty shades and fifty kinds of bathrooms

but in the seventh innings you must stand and sing

take me to the ball game because that my friend

is what you should do in a bipolar world

of the USA and the USSR and the Terrorists

trying to scare you out of your chicken wings

And your friendly T shirt and your undercover work

as a Donnie Brasco for immigration reform

And add cyber terrorism because Geminis after all

Are bi polar by birth and by design

by nature and by nurture and no

we are not trying to investigate Big Pharma

for that would make us Tri Polar

And this is not a movie

And the Punjabis never give up

Even though we have our mood swings

In Bi Tri Quad Polarity


Author: Ajay Ohri

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