why does it rain

why does it rain

does God control the weather or does Caesar

or Nature the Mother to God the Father

I don’t know I will never know

I just want to have dinner with my girl tonight

But I have to wash my dishes and clean my mess

I have been a bad boy thinking bad boys are cool

But it rained on my parade and now I wonder why

So here I go

Listening to free songs from Youtube on the go

Poor people die faster than rich people do

God made some brains faster and some limbs faster

Life should be fair but it isn’t

Everyone should be equal but isn’t

Government should not take bribes but they do so in the turnpike

educated people make more money but more money is needed to get educated

everyone should not be allowed to get educated

we don’t want chaos, we are civilized as Carlin said

why does it rain

and why can’t the Government predict the rain anymore

Screenshot from 2016-05-06 10:04:10




Author: Ajay Ohri


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