Just stay happy

They told me something wrong with the boy’s personality

We don’t know what he won’t stay happy

Look at him he is so smart and doesn’t know he can be sexy

But you give him a break and he would still be a monkey

I go to bars to find my one true romance

Stalk online dating to get someone to dance

Estranged to my family Stranger to my son

You murmur self-pity But I have just begun

I play the Joker when I am not playing the clown

I am silently laughing when I am not trying to frown

They said manic depression is now called bipolarity

I may be poor but I could be as sick as Britney

I think I am ok but I should probably watch my wine

Drinking water always keeps a melancholic poet fine

To stay happy I must look to find the little joys

To say hey look I got another shining toy

Let us exaggerate the daily mundane superficiality

What is life but one more cliched journey

Man walks into a bar just to write some poetry

Someday they will catch the spy and hang him from the tree

For stealing tame horses and setting them free

We hang horse stealers here in our city

But relax you are still so young you got so much potentiality

Chill out have a beer and just stay happy



Author: Ajay Ohri


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