Much Misunderstood Genius

He is only happy when he is sad

He only makes sense when he plays mad

They say he is thinking too much for sure

But he likes the pain and he keeps coming back for more

They may be watching him but can he be so easily understood

He may be lost beyond saving going back to hell for good

Maybe he is just paranoid really expressive at what he thinks he has seen

Maybe we should book him for jay walking  bring him in for questioning

Maybe he only wants his chicken wings and see the daily news

Maybe he only wants some toast and vitamin enhanced juice

Maybe he is acting crazy like Hamlet with his dead girlfriend in his hand

But maybe he is just another artist tough to really understand

Maybe he just wanted to write but they gave him coins to talk

Now maybe he is fed up of his motel and wants to go out and walk

That may scare his handlers but hold on stay in your metaphorical panty

He is going to be back to you when he rescues his family

From the ghetto of slumdogs fighting cats and dogs

Onwards to the shiny ghetto of toys and lies

They said we need to move Crazy Horse on to the reservation for sure

Where we can analyze his dissected brain misunderstand him some more



Author: Ajay Ohri

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