The Bullshit stops here

I weep alone in a motel besides the New Jersey road

I weep because I am weak in self pity of habits old

Lord it is so tough to understand America on a rainy day

But when I am sick and have no food I have no other way

A system that is totally fair

has to be as ruthless as the air

For balance of power

there must be constant tension every hour

Rich need to get richer Wise men need to get wiser

So people try harder to get rich so they can snort and fly higher

Nature says intelligence and beauty are genetically inherited not sold

So it is only fair if we allow the weak to die before they grow old

For every American wart there is American music to heal

For every tough nut, there is another mysterious onion to peel

For every thing that seems so unfair

There is the promise that people are working harder to get there

I was an American before I was born

I will be dust and ashes when I die

My epitaph will  say – The Bullshit stops here

To make you smile when you try to fake a cry




Author: Ajay Ohri

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