To freely write

I am a sceptic I doubt I question

If you showed me God I would ask HIM for data atleast

If I had to choose between getting crucified in the East

And giving up my right to speak in the West

I would happily get crucified

In my dying hours as the blood drips through my veins on the floor

I would say shame on you

Because I am not Jesus and I dont worship him anymore

I cannot ask my Father to forgive your ignorance

for I have no father I can look upto

I am an emotional bastard I was born one

I had no one to grow up with no one to look upto

Now I have made my son a bastard too

By divorcing his mother after a fight

But that is the price I have to pay

so I can freely speak and with irresponsibility truly write

I will not change my religion to impress a girl

I may learn a language to impress a woman’s heart

I find it tough to fall in love now

I have failed so many time in love from the start

I like talking to different people

I like observing things I like to write it down

Maybe you think I am a monkey

Maybe you think I am a clown

Maybe I am just a writer

Maybe this is who I am who I want to be

Trying to be ordinary

In a world gone mad on reality TV



Author: Ajay Ohri

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