Psalm 23 the hackers psalm

i have walked in the valley of the shadow of dead

They told us boys you are a pain in our head

With your youthful ideology and emphasis on common sense

Don’t you see money is sexy and man needs bread

We know you are dying and so the fault is in your blood

Come kiss our ring and join the Boyz shooting hoofs in the hood

But a voice in my head kept warning something was wrong

They were sniffing my packets while I was writing this song

If they knew what I knew they would never let me go

Rather than time killing me slow

You will read it in the papers how the poet was dead

We are sorry it’s an accident and we made sure he was well fed

Soldiers die and they get a grave in the field by the lake

Poets die like dogs and dogs don’t get a three day wake

A dog will die and they won’t sound the bugle or pipes or taps

They said he was a NOC and that was just the job

He wanted out and he said he had done his 15 years of missions

They told him kid sorry the movie has no intermission

A spy deserves to be hanged and weren’t you a hacker on the side

Think of all the fun your brain had when you were on the ride

It’s time to get back and put the mask on

Someday my son will avenge me and my wrong

Sorry son I tried and tried to sell some science

But they bought me a beer and went short on my whines

But what I needed was water and some medicines to care

But when I checked my wallet it wasn’t there

So I walked like a homeless man in the streets

With nothing to show and failure as my deed

My split personality and my incomplete quest

To be the hacker who was forever the best

And son if you think where did Daddy go

Daddy is in heaven running Jesus and his code


( To be continued )


Author: Ajay Ohri

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