Malfunctioning Robot

A Science Fiction Story by Kush U

He malfunctioned again, said the Subordinate to Spymaster V. He is a human , sighed V, not a Robot. Expensively trained to be like a robot, countered the Subordinate. What kind of secret agent has a public meltdown on a deep infiltration mission and blogs about it.

The kind of secret agent is both a genius and a child, said V.

So we dont bring him in for questioning, and we dont take him out, asked the Subordinate. No, said V. Let him be, out him on the disable list. He is still our best and we dont leave our boys bodies out for the eagles to feast .

File closed, said the Subordinate. V Smiled, In our business a file is never closed. and the Subordinate finally smiled.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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